Monday, 26 March 2012

Orly and Drug store Nail Polishes

As much as I love China Glaze nail polishes I do also love drug store brands :) Here are a few Ive picked up recently.

Rage by Orly's a beautiful shimmery sparkly rose gold/champagne colour. I goes on smooth and has great coverage with just one coat. I love this colour! I will say that it only lasts about 3-4 days but its still so beautiful!

Another one from Orly. This nail polish is very creamy and very opaque. Its a little bright for me to wear on every nail but I love it with Wet and Wilds Wet Cement on all my nails and Gum Drop on my accent nails.

This is Revlon's nail polish in Sparkling. Its a clear base with small and large chunks of glitter. The glitter is a beautiful dusty rose colour. Its a little on the thin side so you really have to build it up for the beautiful glitter to really pop!!

This nail polish is AWESOME!! Its super concentrated I swear one coat and its so thick and glittery!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I am so picking up a few more of these!

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