Sunday, 26 February 2012

China Glaze Nail Polish

China Glaze nail polish...WOW. Ive only ever used the less expensive nail polish from the drugstores. Which most have a good colour pay off but the chipping...oh the chipping! They would last me at most 3 days. Some brands/colours even less. Then I tried China Glaze.

Most are a very rich highly pigmented polish that will last me (with a base and top coat) a week or more. They have soooo many colours to choose from. Well I guess its time to build up my collection. Ill start with what I have thus far. (when my swatch wheels come in from eBay ill post swatches of all the colours but for now its just the bottles)

To start with is INNOCENCE this milky light pink shad. Its very pigmented and very glossy. I did have to apply 2 coats but well worth it!

Next up is Lubu Heels. Its more of a sheer black with deep fine red glitter. This polish will take 2-3 coats but the colour is bautiful!! 

Next is Limbo Bimbo. This to me is the mother of all hot pinks!! Its super shiny and frosted. Highly pigmented and just a fantastic stand out colour!

And last is Chiaroscuro. I love love love this colour!! Its a very shimmery pinky coral champainge colour. Did I mention I love this colour? You can get away with one coat but with 2 its just heaven....

I dont know what else to say about these nail polishes or as the bottle says nail lacquers. They have beautiful shades, a huge seletion of colour choices,they are glossy, they wear so well lasting a full week if not more!

More China Glaze in my future? I think YES!!

(colour on my thumb in these pics is Wet n Wild megalast in Wet Cement:)

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