Sunday, 26 February 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

Maybellines new Dream Bouncy Blush

I watched some reviews on these "cream" blushes. The ones I watched before I purchased any myself loved them so I though OK I have to try these.

 I went out and bought 05 Fresh Pink. The texture is like nothing I have ever tried before. Its firm but yes its bouncy. Ive heard them described as "memory ball" ish feeling but to me a memory ball is a foam that retains its original shape which this blush does not. You can push the product down and it will compress but does not come back to its original shape.

Colour 05 Fresh Pink

I have fair skin and whilst this colour 05 Fresh Pink is beautiful and thinking it would be perfect on fairer skin tones it just had no colour pay off. even with a generous application it simply was just not showing up :(

I watched a few haul videos and a few more reviews on this product and found a lot of people had the same issues as me. NO colour payoff. I decided to give it another chance and bought yet another one in hopes of some high pigments! ( also there were no testers where I bought them:(

Lets try again and this time with a darker shade! I bought 50 Plum Wine. The darkest I could fine. Its a beautiful dark rosy colour.

There!! That's a swatch with finger application but I prefer to use a medium stippling brush and I get this beautiful rosy glow. Sometimes I use a powder blush layered on top if I know I wont have a chance to touch up my makeup.

To the point...They have very beautiful shades but for me unless its super dark I just don't have use for it because its so sheer and you really cant see it on anyways. Will I buy any of the other shades...No. Plum wine was the darkest I found and even then its not that intense :(

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